Large Scale Project Capacity

MRA has the capacity to deliver large scale projects across multiple sectors through our strategic industry alliances.

Our partnerships with leading service providers and suppliers provide turn-key solutions, maximum cost efficiencies and group buying power.

Our alliance approach provides an alternative to Tier 1 providers through drastic reductions in markups and expensive variations while providing major communication benefits.

MRA’s strategic partnerships provide services in the following areas:


MRA’s management system is certified to ISO 9001. In order to maintain the provision of exceptional services and to provide a level of confidence to clients, staff and all key stakeholders, MRA has implemented best practice systems with continuous improvement objectives.

The quality management system at MRA is a by-product of a business excellence framework. It encompasses all the business management systems and has been custom designed to suit the needs of the company while addressing the needs of our customers.

Health & Safety

MRA aims to provide a workplace that exceeds the expectations of Australia’s health and safety standards.

Our proudest achievement is maintaining a zero lost time through injury (LTI) since operations began in 1998.

MRA’s safety systems are monitored and reviewed regularly and improvements are continually implemented to ensure our employees feel safe in their workplace and arrive home safely to their families.


MRA is committed to minimising its effect on the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. We have developed policies and procedures to ensure our work reduces any harmful impact on the environment. We actively participate in recycling activities and encourage a paperless work environment.