Mobile Machine Specialists

Over the past 15 years, MRA has developed control system software for more than 40 new mine and port mobile machines and numerous upgrades and performance improvement projects across Australia.

The software has ranged from basic manually operated machines through to complex and fully automated Stacker Reclaimers with SIL rated machine-to-machine anti-collision systems. MRA develops all software in-house, including the complete functional safety lifecycle.

We engage a library of flexible tools to allow our software to be customised to client programming standards. In addition, we utilise existing and extensively tested functional blocks when applicable to reduce development and commissioning costs and durations.

Simulation Environment – Saving Time and Money

Our specialist yard machine automation and integration team can undertake machine performance and behavioural testing in our offsite simulation environment. This speeds the commissioning process and saves significant onsite costs.

MRA can model the machine in a simulation environment to test sequencing logic and to optimise performance with a full suite of commands including stacking, reclaiming, and stockpile interactions. The simulation is astoundingly accurate and able to test machine position and important feedback parameters such as bucket wheel power with multiple samples of stockpile stack, reclaim, restack, re-reclaim to be commissioned prior to on site testing. The simulation can also include manual operator interventions in any of the stack or reclaim processes to confirm correct automatic recovery and any impacts on future automatic operations on the stockpile.

Those familiar with yard machine commissioning will know that confirmation of correct behaviour under all possible stockpile and machine configurations is very time consuming and costly on a real plant. Real stockpiles can take weeks to be stacked and reclaimed and depending on plant operational requirements, a single stockpile may have a lifetime of months.

MRA can short circuit this costly process.


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