Reclaim Performance Check

The Reclaim Performance Check shows the power of MRA’s stockpile modelling and how performance can be increased with machine-level, laser optimisation.

The Reclaim performance Check is created through an analysis of machine trend data to show average tonnes per bench, turnaround metrics and projected throughput gain – tonnes per hour.

The analysis leverages MRA’s highly accurate, volumetric stockpile modelling system that builds life-like, stockpile profiles and can analyse how these can be optimally reclaimed. This accuracy enables us to track material and its key properties down to 0.1 cubic metre blocks through the stockyard life cycle. It also enables us to project improvements in throughput performance by maximising a reclaimers time-in-material.

A Reclaim Performance Check at Abbot Point compared a PLC-optimised automated machine to what could be achieved using MRA’s stockpile modelling. Performance has been improved by 11.3% across the stockpile follows:

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MRA has won the Australian Bulk Handling Award for Innovative Technology 2019 for its Smart Stockyard Management System.