Smart Stockyard Management System

The Smart Stockyard Management System is a complete stockyard and stockpile management system that can optimally manage and automate the inbound receipt and outbound delivery of mined material.

The Smart Stockyard Management System is proven in the field over 15 years and designed to work with any mined material including, coal, iron ore and bauxite. The System operates on 30 machines across four eastern coal terminals processing over 250mtpa.

The System requires little maintenance, maximises the use of open PLC controls and is available in a range of options:

MRA has won the Australian Bulk Handling Award for Innovative Technology 2019 for its Smart Stockyard Management System.

The cornerstone of the System is a highly accurate, volumetric stockpile modelling system, which builds a real-time, life-like model of each stockpile. The modelling can be further enhanced with two lasers located on each reclaimer for optimised performance.

The Smart Stockyard Management System provides rich visualisations of the stockyard, stockpile and individual machines, including a 30-day playback feature, and a suite of real-time and historical reports showing actual and projected performance.

The System can integrate with a high-level port logistics system such as QMaster or, the operator can directly select each job and tasks are automatically allocated to include optimised machine-level instructions.

The quality of our machine optimisation really sets the Smart Stockyard Management System apart from all competitors. How much better can your machines perform? Our Reclaim Performance Check is like a health check-up for your stockyard machines?

Reclaim Performance Check


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Real-time Stockyard Visualisation
Abbot Point Coal Terminal visualisation stockyard, stockpiles and machine level optimisation including, current slew cut, projected next cut and reclaim metrics. Machine level laser optimisation has increased production throughput by an average of 11.3% per reclaimer.

Stockyard Playback Site Tour
At Port Waratah Coal Terminal our 30-day playback enables the operator to tour the site (pan, zoom and tilt), individual stockpiles and machines, displaying key information including, actual and projected performance metrics. Each second represents 15 minutes of actual time.

Abbot Point Shows highly accurate modelling of different stacking methods within the same stockyard – windrow stacked with partial reclaim and rebuild and cone slew.

Abbot Point Reclaim optimisation showing laser scanner data points and calculated turnaround slew position for the current and next slew swings.

Shows the visual correlation between the stockpile model created using machine data (without laser enhancement) and the physical stockpile. Stacking problem identified without requiring physical inspection.