Train Load Out Automation

Train Loading Stations are often considered a bottleneck, as these facilities are typically operated manually, resulting in variable performance, wagon over/under loading and poor reliability.

Companies are often faced with heavy fines and in some cases, substantial costs to obtain additional trains to meet required throughputs. However, with minimal investment, MRA’s TLO automation solution is providing clients with a state of the art and unrivalled return on investment.

MRA draws on its vast experience with TLO control systems to assist its clients with their automation requirements. With more than 15 years of specialist industry experience and working closely with clients to meet their needs, MRA has broken ground in the following key areas:

Key Features

MRA recognises that interest in TLO automation primarily stems from concerns over poor reliability and efficiency. Typically, wagons are loaded at TLOs with the following objectives in mind:

Without TLO automation, operators are only able to load wagons based on the available tools at their disposal. Under more ideal conditions, batched systems and track weigh bridges can aid operators in their loading procedures but ultimately, loading still comes down to the individual’s discretion.

Factoring in fatigue, time of day and environmental conditions, accurate loading presents difficulties – even under the best conditions.

In response to these issues, MRA’s solution addresses key concerns and a range of additional features including:

MRA’s solution delivers an intelligent and intuitive system that removes the guesswork for operators. The concept of running the system is familiar and seamless, not unlike using the cruise control on a motor vehicle. The operator simply initialises the system before commencing train loading and switching the system into automatic mode. At this point, the operator performs a supervisory role (whether from the TLO or a central control room) during loading to monitor the system.

Case Study Results

German Creek has recorded real time results which indicate a return on investment of less than four (4) months for TLO automation after the MRA automation solution was enabled. The following details highlight the system’s performance: