Train Load Out & Dump Stations

The Smart Wagon Product Suite forms part of a full train load-out or dump station automation solution that can replace an onsite operator or an aged photo-electric (PE) cell solution.

SWAP modules include:

Speed Reader is a standalone monitoring and data logging solution that calculates highly accurate and reliable measures of speed.

Position and Speed Sensor automates speed detection and wagon position set points for trigger control in load-in and chute control for load-out processing at the mine site and port.

Profile Monitor automates the detection of hang up in the empty train wagon, the profile of loaded wagons for over or under loading and the potential for derailment.

Train Speed Indication is a module that communicates train speed information to the train operator.

Train Wagon Door Detector can automate detection of wagon door status preventing costly material loading mistakes at a train load in and dangerous spillage post load out. The integration of these products into a train load out or dump station requires custom PLC programming for automated actions and SCADA display, including communication with train operator via Train Speed Indication (TSI).

SWAP Key Benefits

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Train Load Out

Dump Station

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Train Load Out. Site overview with laser scanners for hang0up detection, material profiling and chute control.