Smart Ship Loader Anti-Collision System

Ship loader collisions that threaten personnel, damage valuable assets or limit operational availability can be avoided.

Our Smart Ship Loader Anti-Collision System uses laser data to establish a real-time protection zone surrounding the ship loader’s boom and shuttle, its spout or spoon and operator cabin. During operations, any object entering or nearing this dynamically defined zone will trigger a collision warning.

The SLAC, calculates highly accurate real-time and projected position information for the vessel including: list, trim and draft and its position along the wharf during loading.

Key separation distances to the ship loader are available in a 3D visualisation and for integration with the ship loader PLC for actioning including, alarm, slow down and inhibit.

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Port Kembla ship loader visualisations showing highly accurate, scanned vessel laser data, overlaid on aerial image.

Port Kembla These onshore view shows the protection zone surrounding the ship loader as it is lined up over vessel’s butterfly hatches.

Port Kembla showing the ship loader model’s perspective from under the boom with the spout lowered into the hatch.