Dump Station Automation Systems

Train dump stations are a critical link in the materials handling supply chain. Therefore, any efficiency gains related to unloading wagons have a positive impact on throughput.

A significant barrier to automating dump stations typically comes from the inability to accurately detect the presence and positioning of a locomotive, coal hang-up detection and confirmation of door closure post unloading.

In response to industry feedback, MRA has developed a comprehensive range of solutions utilising laser scanning technology to overcome these barriers and deliver accurate and robust solutions.

Key Features


Figure 1 – Major Wagon Hang-up

Efficiency Gains

MRA’s dump station automation solution provides efficiency gains throughout all stages of the unloading process, from initial trigger operation through to close door verification. Other features include:


Figure 2 – Minor Wagon Hang-up

Train Speed Demonstration

The following YouTube link is a demonstration of MRA’s train speed solution illustrating the laser scanned profile of each wagon and calculated speed.   Major features of MRA’s solution are highlighted towards the end of the video where the starting and stopping of a train is demonstrated.

Click here for video demonstration